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It was an amazing sunset..!!

Time was nearly 6 o clock in the watch. And we had completed the visit of ooty tea factory. It was an amazing experience . I never forget that test of tea which was given by them . 

Amazing Amazing Amazing!!

We went back to the bus . But then there is one phenomena occurs in the nature which we usually  called a sunset.  But here’s we were trying to focus on every other sec of time . 

That was a picturesque view i have ever seen . 


Entire city was looking beautiful ❤

Memorable it was

“About The Last Sunday “!

Days were passing so hard since last two months . And my level of patients gotten so high . Finally a day arrived when I got free from my hectic schedule which was going on from many days . Still so many things were going on my head.. and I couldn’t able to find solution on them . At a certain point I felt like, I messed up completely though I knew everything is fine.

Next day I woke up early in the morning having amazing thought in my mind 💙. It was a Sunday.

       Whole day I spent with my family felt very happy and better after a long

       Till the evening I hadn’t did anything got bored after some time . And then suddenly a smile came to my face when dad said let’s go out .

Dad and I . We didn’t even decided anything where to go . We just sat in our car and our journey got started. I were in my normal clothes no make up nothing at all. I put radio and what a coincidence all my favourite songs were on loop . With that feel I was observing the outside scenario from that closed window.

It had been 20 minutes we were in the car but I don’t know why I started feeling very fresh  and happy after seeing  that view .

And then …

It was really best feeling when you just see such beautiful scenario and forget every bad shit happened with you . And start counting beautiful things in your life.  

People were enjoying . Birds were flying like they have no worries in thier life. Sea was emphasizing his feeling through deep and silent water . Sky was busy to enhancing his colours. Everything was perfect .

Yes even I.

Sometimes we really thought over . And then we realised our mistakes our negativity . But that’s the good thing to realize by ourself.

I got best lesson thorough it . And yes whenever I feel sad or negative in my mind I know there is a sky and there is a sea who are best examples of showing positive affirmations to me .

Sometimes views are the best solutions to our problem . Start enjoying them